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Our haircuts are the industry best and our delivery is impeccable. You will love making an appointment with our “Master Barbers” to fill all your grooming needs.  You just found your new barbershop to help you look and feel your very best!

Haircuts Beards & Trim

Very quick, easy to talk to, efficient, and the cut is the freshest cut you’ve have had.  No need to look at other options for haircuts, We give you reason to  always go back to us.  Ain’t it nice to have someone who listens to cut your hair and beard? Yea it is!


You’re looking for high quality professional barber experience, well, look no further.  Our always great haircuts and reliable NO WAIT – ONLINE  – ON TIME appointments are the combination you’ve been looking for.  We are men’s grooming experts. Make an appointment today.



Mario Chaney

Very quick, easy to talk to, efficient, and the cuts are the freshest cut you have ever had.  No need to look at other options and you’ll always want to come back.  You’ll also notice things like how nice it will be to have someone with a nice beard cut your beard? Yea it will!  Come in to see them when ordinary just isn’t good enough anymore.

Telvin “T.C.” Clanton

These are professional barbers and we will leave you looking and feeling like a million dollars! You just found your new barber!.  King’s Barber Lounge is a young, fresh barbershop. We serve men and women who seek a professional grooming experience delivered by barbers with a demonstrated commitment to providing high quality cuts.

Ivory Davis

There may be many barbers that offer haircuts, but our services are the best and come with a personal touch.   The most important thing our company does is put you our clients and their services first. What you care most about is what we focus on, and reliability is what sets us apart from similar businesses.


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