No Wait Barbershop Is Here

The No Wait Barbershop Era is Now


Whether you like the old school one man barbershop of your youth or a national chain unisex environment, SFB of Dallas has the 21st Century tools , skills and experience to help you get the quality haircut and grooming experience every adult male needs.  We operate our business more efficeintly and treat our guests to superior service than any other barbershop. More than a technology solution, our online “No wait” appointment system gets you in our chair on time every time – with no long waiting time.

“You don’t have to wait on us – we wait on you at San Francisco Barbershop of Dallas.  Your time is as valuable as ours and we show it. The SFB of Dallas “online – on time – no wait appointment system” lets you choose your desired day, date and time from your cell phone or computer.”  We’ll be waiting on your arrival.

Four words that describe The King’s Barber Lounge

Four words that describe The Uniqueness of The King’s Barber Lounge (KBL): clean, efficient, masculine and upscale.

For most guys, getting a haircut is a necessary (and tedious) chore.  KBL barbershop has figured out a way to elevate the experience. Our always clean, professional style barbershop helps you get groomed in style but with true substance in the quality of our haircuts.

The barbershop’s convenient locations is near the popular intersection of  Midway and Trinity Mills making it a great location to get in and out with our free parking and online appointment service.  You will appreciate the masculine environment, with or without sports or games the moment you walk in the door.  We will work hard to help you feel on top of the world when you leave.

“The King’s Barber Lounge clients don’t just spend money on a haircut; they spend far less time waiting on us thus leaving you more time to do what you do.”


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