Why Online Appointments Work

Why Online Appointments Work Best
Comfort – Convenience – Business Advantage

Comfort: survey’s have shown that customers look forward to their visit to the barbershop to look their best.  But, guess what?  They hate, hate, I mean hate to wait.  No matter how comfortable your waiting room chairs are there is no comfort or advantage to a long barbershop wait for anyone.

Now, imagine being a customer that walks into a barbershop and within ten to fifteen minutes of arrival they are in the chair and back in their car within 30 to 45 minutes with a nice fresh cut. Ok, now  imagine what the day would be like for the barber if the all of your customers arrive in their shop 10 or fifteen minutes before their scheduled time.   Does that sound comfortable for everyone involved?  Of course it does!

Convenience:  Everyone will agree the people seem to show a preference for doing many things via the Internet or mobile apps these days. It only stands to reason that they are open to schedule their haircut appointments as well. With a system,  our existing  customers are less likley to miss visits by the gfact that we offer them an online appointment scheduling option via mobile device or computer.

Would you agree that all of our customers trying to get a haircut of Friday and Saturday is not a good thing for them or us? When you switch to online  appointments we open our business to all  you guys that manage your schedule during the week and prefer a weekday haircut to avoid the Friday and Saturday wait times.  Is that you?  There are the many professional, corporate, sales and self-employed guys just like you taking advantage of the convenient online appointment system.

Business Advantage:  Chalk it up to the convenience factor, as well as the popularity of websites, smartphones and gadgets, which allow us to do so many varying things with the ease of tapping of a screen icon.  It works and we promise you Gotta love it!


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