Range of Services


FROM $25

Executive haircut service delivering the up-to-date style of your choice. 

A woman’s cut might include very short hair on sides and back and side-swept hair on top completed with a crisp line up.

Haircut & Beard

FROM $35

Executive haircut service with style of choice and full beard trim for a complete grooming experience.

Service consists of haircut style of your choice, beard trim, crisp edge and more.

Trim Up

FROM $15

Our Edge up service helps client maintain a well-groomed look between full service haircuts.

Includes face shave, line up and new growth clean-up.

Hair Styling

FROM $35

Precision Scissor Cuts

A precision haircut with shears creates the style of your choice using techniques that deliver straight, dramatic lines and clean angles.

We use the original philosophy of creating haircuts based on a client’s bone structure and other preferences.


FROM $35

The King’s Barber Lounge is your trusted source for information and recommendations on the barber supplies you need to look your bests. We may offer popular products from time to  time in our shop. 

You’ll have access to the products you need when you need them.


FROM $15

Grooming services include but are not limited to Deluxe Packages or add on services with Haircut, Steam Towel Service, Scalp Scrub Shampoo (Or Dandruff Treatment ),

Shampoo/Conditioner Pre Or Post Haircut, Bigen Hair Coloring, Straight Razor Shave and Eyebrow Detail.